Creating an Archival Online Film Exhibit with Omeka: “WWII Propaganda Films and IU”

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Abstract: This brown bag session will present the Libraries’ most recent online Omeka exhibition of World War II propaganda films which went live on June 6th, the 70th anniversary of D-Day. The IULMIA (Indiana University Libraries Moving Image Archive) staff will present the conceptual idea behind the exhibit, the steps taken to select and digitize the content, working with the Library Technology staff and the process of building the online exhibit. Presenters: Rachael Stoeltje, Director, IU Libraries Moving Image Archive; … Read More

Tenure for Librarians

The question of tenure is a convoluted one, especially when applied to librarians. “Faculty status,” as it is referred to at some institutions, raises strong opinions in those who are both for an against it. In 1973, the Commission on Academic Tenure in Higher Education published a report on the subject, weighing the pros and cons of academic tenure; they reference a statement from the 1940s by the American Association of University Professors describing the necessity for faculty to have … Read More

Article Review: The Decline of the Humanities

I am a humanities person. When I started college, I was going to be an art history major. Whenever anyone asked what I was studying (they always do), and I said, “Art history,” the response I received was always, “What are you going to do with that?” I could never really answer that question, so I eventually changed majors to something more familiar, if not any more likely to get me a job: Literature and Japanese. It’s not that I … Read More