Creating an Archival Online Film Exhibit with Omeka: “WWII Propaganda Films and IU”

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Abstract: This brown bag session will present the Libraries’ most recent online Omeka exhibition of World War II propaganda films which went live on June 6th, the 70th anniversary of D-Day. The IULMIA (Indiana University Libraries Moving Image Archive) staff will present the conceptual idea behind the exhibit, the steps taken to select and digitize the content, working with the Library Technology staff and the process of building the online exhibit. Presenters: Rachael Stoeltje, Director, IU Libraries Moving Image Archive; … Read More

Helpful Hints from a Victorian Marriage Manual

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I found this book during my work with the Wright American Fiction collection; it’s a collection of stories and advice about being newly wed from 1864. While some of it is laughable (particularly the temperance stories), there are quite a few bits that are not only amusing, but continue to be good advice 200 years later. From “First quarrels and first discords in married life” by James H. Burk. Some wives evince a sort of childish jealousness of the newspaper, … Read More

Profile: Bernard Frischer, Virtual Archaeologist

Dr. Bernard Frischer is a Professor in the School of Informatics, as well as director of the Virtual World Heritage Laboratory and founding editor of the online journal Digital Applications in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage. He has received many awards for his work in founding the field of Virtual Archaeology; most notably, he was the recipient of the first Pioneer Award of The International Society for Virtual Systems and Multimedia (2005) as well as the first recipient of the Tartessus … Read More

Curiosities from the Wright American Fiction Project

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For the last few months, I’ve been in the process of transforming and updating approximately 3000 TEI files from the Wright American Fiction Project as part of my work in IU’s Digital Collections Services. Excitingly, I’m almost finished with them! I have less than 50 files left to fix, which means I will soon be moving on to a new project. In the meantime, though, I’ve collected several interesting things for my ‘curiouser and curiouser’ tag. ^_^ Today I’ve been … Read More

Internship Journal #3

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June 17, 2014 It feels like such a long time since I have worked on this project. I learned a lot at DHSI (including some ideas I can connect to this project) but I’m also really glad to be back to my normal schedule. This week consisted mostly of more planning and preparation for building the Omeka site. I’m trying to learn as much as I can about the platform, and that includes of a lot of research that is … Read More

Digital Repositories and the Future of Librarianship – An Interview with Ball State’s John Straw

John Straw is the Assistant Dean for Digital Initiatives and Special Collections at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. I contacted him after stumbling onto Ball State’s Digital Media Repository; I was curious about how other institutions handle their digital media preservation, so I asked him to talk with me about what it’s like to manage a large-scale digital collection and what he sees for the future of librarianship. Straw has been in libraries and archives for more than 30 years. He began working … Read More

Development of Digitization Programs at Small College Libraries

This post was originally written for my library management class, as part of an assignment where we imagined ourselves to be working at particular library and to imagine how that library would deal with challenges related to our areas of interest. I chose to write from the perspective of the Digital Initiatives Librarian at Baruch College of City University New York. The William and Anita Newman Library of Baruch College (a small branch of the public City University of New … Read More

Article Review: Brewster Kahle on Access and Preservation

This blog post was old, but I found the topic intriguing; digital preservation is my particular area of interest, so I’m always curious about the challenges and opportunities that face the digital access movement, and Brewster Kahle is definitely one of the people at the forefront of this area. “Kahle suggests that universal access is within our grasp and suggests that two key elements in its provision are the roles and politics that will undergird the work.” I found it … Read More