That Moment Right Before You Drop

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Things have been slowly revving up here; this week is fall break, but I have one big assignment to prepare and a few more that are slowly turning over in my head. I’m also working with some of my cohort to prepare a paper for a conference in the spring, and doing some reading about the MarineLives, which I’ll be doing some volunteer transcription for this fall. And did I mention that I’m still updating my portfolio and tweaking my … Read More

Profile: Bernard Frischer, Virtual Archaeologist

Dr. Bernard Frischer is a Professor in the School of Informatics, as well as director of the Virtual World Heritage Laboratory and founding editor of the online journal Digital Applications in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage. He has received many awards for his work in founding the field of Virtual Archaeology; most notably, he was the recipient of the first Pioneer Award of The International Society for Virtual Systems and Multimedia (2005) as well as the first recipient of the Tartessus … Read More