Internship Journal #1

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May 27, 2014 While my main project during the course of my internship at the Mathers Museum will be to create a digital version of the 50th anniversary “Treasures of the Mathers Museum” exhibit using the Omeka platform, my first couple weeks will consist of reviewing another exhibit to prepare it for going live in June. This exhibit, called Ojibwe Public Art, Ostrom Private Lives focuses on a collection of objects collected by Elinor and Vincent Ostrom. The Ostroms were … Read More

Thoughts on Management

It’s easy to learn how to be a good manager. There are laundry lists of ways to behave, attitudes to encourage, and habits to cultivate available in almost any piece of literature that deals with the subject. However, it seems to me as though implementing all of these strategies would be a little bit like juggling geese – difficult to maneuver and quickly overwhelming. But management, like everything else, is a learning process, and though taking this class has given … Read More